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Y-Whiskey is a specialist active dried distillers yeast strain with high gravity and temperature tolerance. Y-Whiskey confers an optimum and highly refined congener profile for whiskey spirit, giving a well-balanced, smooth and elegant whiskey with moderately high fruity esters, feinty and soapy notes, and relatively low peat notes.

Y-Whiskey is a diastatic, STA1 positive yeast which contains both the STA1 gene and its promoter sequence. This means that the yeast secretes glucoamylase enzyme and as such will break down longer chain carbohydrates (e.g. starches and dextrins) and ferment out completely to dryness, maximising alcohol yield from the fermentation substrate.

Recommended for:

Fermentation of malt or grain mash to produce a highly refined wash for use in whiskey production.

Pack Size : 1kg – 10kg – 25kg

Pitch rates: Suggested range is 0.5-1 g/L (0.07-0.14 oz/US Gal).

Optimisation through bench trials is recommended.